A brief summary of the life work of Michael Kelly Blanchard as Director of Operations for Quail Ministries:

Quail Ministries, Inc. (501 c 3) was created in 1985  by a cross-section of professionals (accountant, architect, teacher, pastor, and musician) with a mission to help recover for the wounded in spirit, the indelible, God- given joy which is resident in the human  heart and ignited by faith in the mercy of Jesus Christ.  The primary approach to accomplishing this was through the creative works and activities of writer/performer, Michael Kelly Blanchard:

* hundreds of solo performances
* 15 full length albums of original songs
* two original musical drama productions:  Gamaliel and Heartguard
* numerous television and radio appearances., a PBS national holiday special, There is
   Love with Noel Paul Stookey
* a variety of workshops, seminars and retreats across the country for churches

While the first years focused primarily on collegiate and faith-based communities. from 2002 to the present Michael has also partnered with a Board Certified Chaplain in the healthcare field to present a unique program for caregivers called The Stories Workshop (TSW).  An interactive team-building tool, TSW is a blend of musical presentation, group facilitation, and participant interaction - all designed to provide new skills for listening and caring.

Michael also participated with the U.S. Army Reserves for six years as an adjunct in its Strong Bonds program.  This chaplain-led series was created to support returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan and their families.  He supplied original music in an entertaining and insightful way during these marriage-enrichment weekend retreats, culminating in the CD, “The Strongest Bond”.

Chasing Down the Days…Remembering, Michael’s present tour, looks to connect with families and communities through the shared stories of our growing-up years.  Recollections wrapped in smiles, tears, and gratitude through this trans-generation event … what could be better!

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