Remember shooting hoops
til the sun went down? 

....or piling in the car and heading for the drive in?

...or the unexpected joy of a snow day?



     In 2015 Michael will be giving 15 concerts around the country chock full of these kind of memories. 
     He’s calling it:  Chasing Down the Days…Remembering.  Want to Chase Down Some Days with
     MKB in your community?

     Here’s what to do:
     1.  Think about what kind of venue might work for your community.

             a) Church? Is there a committee or minster/priest you could approach? Show them this video
                  of Daddy Cut My Hair, play them Daddy Let’s Shoot Some Hoop or
                  Humphrey Too , and give them this brief summary introducing MKB.

             b) Community Center or Library?
Find out who you can talk to about events. Ring ‘em up!
If there is any interest email them the video, song and summary.

             c) House Concert? J
ust need a big old living room with a piano (or keyboard) and a cluster of 
                  neighbors or friends with memories and perhaps a plate of cookies!

Once you get a group of interested folks (needs to be more than just you) email or call Michael
          with venue possibilities and dream dates and he’ll go over the variety of cost and time options
          available in 2015.

When fixed dates emerge spread the word in the old fashion (and best) way…Word of mouth!
         (Phone calls texts, emails, coffee hour chats). Michael is very willing to do phone conferencing;
         radio interviews to help move things along.

     Let us know your thoughts. We look forward to hearing from you!



Michael Kelly Blanchard

Director of Operations for Quail Ministries Inc.

860 673 1032