Michael Kelly Blanchard


Words and Music by M.K.Blanchard
Gotz Music/Benson
(860) 673-1032

Heard the furnace kick on last night as
the north wind slapped the house.
I wasn't surprised in the next day's light to
hear my wife scream from a mouse.
I got a trap. We'll catch a few.
But I kinda feel bad cause its what I'd do.
Cold and marooned I head for the warm.
I've been looking for a womb since the day I was born.
Yes I can relate to that mouse alright
Just needing a place to come in from the night.


In from the cold
Out of the wind
Survivin' as old as breathin'
All of creation's your next of kin
When you're out in the cold
And you want to come in.

In the 8th avenue cafeteria, business been steady all day.
With the sky takin' fits of hysteria. Cryin' then gloomand gray.
Out of the storm came the sirens of night.
In where it's warm and there's laughter and light.
Away from the street with its hunger and shame.
To get off of their feet and feel human again.
Little girls caught in the buy and the sell,
for a moment forgot their version of hell


Everyone's sellin' some religion these days,
from the pulpit to the psychic hot line.
It's easy as hell to get lost in the maze,
mistake marketing for the Divine.
It may be crazy, but give me the One,
who started as a baby without a home.
I need a God who's been there and back.
Walkin' this sod with a cross on His back
Someone who's real when it come to the soul
Who knows how it feels to come in from the cold.

In from the cold. Out of the wind.
Survivin's as old as breathin'.
All of creation's your next of kin.
When you're out in the cold
and you want to come in

Out in the cold...need to come in
Out in the cold...got to come in
Out in the cold...come in!