The Stories Workshop

The Toolkit

Financial Obligation

The scheduling approach used means that often multiple Stories Workshops presentations are conducted in a given geographic region.  This allows us to keep travel expenses low and spread costs across several programs – passing the benefit along to the hosting organizations.  Satisfied clients state emphatically that the Stories Workshop is one of the best educational program values available.  We will be happy to work with you to deliver a high quality, rewarding program within your budget parameters and in various presentation lengths.

Logistical Understanding

When a date has been secured and a financial obligation agreed upon, the hosting organization writes a letter of intent to:

Michael Kelly Blanchard
121 West Avon Road
Unionville, CT 06085

stating the understanding reached and the specifics agreed upon.  Then a
contract is drawn up restating those facts, which is signed by both parties.

Technical Obligation

An amplifier, two speakers, at least four microphones with stands, one boom stand.  One lavaliere microphone for David Blauw.  A tuned acoustic piano or keyboard with weighted keys and damper pedal.