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The Strongest Bond - Strong Bonds Songs
Strongest Bond

    Thirteen original compositions designed to musically enhance the U.S. Army's Strong Bonds program, specifically their Marriage Enrichment Retreats offered to military couples in the Army Reserves, Active Duty and National Guard.

  • Opposites' Game
  • One Gots the Floor, One Got the Ears
  • You and Me
  • I've Got A System (Don't Mess It Up)
  • Translation Complications
  • When You Look Out After Me
  • If You Knew
  • Glasses
  • Unexpected Expectations
  • I'm Doing Fine (But I've Been Better) speaker
  • Wrong Name On The Tomb
  • Separate Beds speaker
  • The Strongest Bond
  • Be Thou My Vision


  • You're Welcome Here
  • Aunt Amy speaker
  • Let The Children Come
  • Little One 
  • Uncle Jack
  • Just Enough speaker
  • Bill And Bernie
  • Gotta Go Up
  • It's Okay Mister
  • Jesus, You're Crazy (But I Like That About You)
  • God in Disguise speaker
  • Incognito

Watered: Recollections of Nurture

Good Grief
Good Grief

  • The Way of God
  • Still Here
  • The Love That's in My Mother's Eyes speaker
  • Negotiations
  • Driving Dad
  • Brothers
  • Miss Ya Pop speaker
  • Maples
  • The Other God speaker
  • Open Letter to God
  • The Broken God
  • Lance These Wounds
  • North of Leaving

There is Love
There is Love

  • Love Rules
  • Lord of the Fields
  • Father's House
  • Daddy Cut My Hair
  • Chickadee Cherub
  • April Fool speaker
  • Thy True Love
  • For the Love of it All
  • Bonnie Breath
  • The Wedding Song Story
  • Wedding Song (there is Love)
  • Angels We Have Heard on High
  • Little Town of Bethlehm
    Come All Ye Faithful
  • Barnyard Christmas
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Love After All
  • Facets of the Jewel
  • Be Ye Glad

In From The Cold
In from the Cold

  • Cliffs of Moher
  • God in Grandma's Eyes speaker
  • Oh Me, Oh You
  • In From The Cold
  • Love Me Back Again
  • It'll All Come Back
  • Pear 
  • Renee
  • One Of Us
  • By Love Deferred
  • Daniel Downs
  • Mercy On The Wind
  • While You Wait

Be Ye Glad
Be Ye Glad

  • Top of the Morning speaker
  • The Love of the Father speaker
  • Every Little One
  • Danny's Downs
  • Kids Forgive
  • Be Ye Glad
  • Cootie Girl
  • Thy True Love
  • Lord of the Living
  • The Trouble With Me/Jesus, the Lord of the Lonely Inside

Mercy in the Maze
Mercy in the Maze

A View Out The Window
A view out the

Imagio Dei/Image of God
Imagio Dei

  • Tommy and Marty
  • She Knows
  • Lord of the Fields
  • You Never Catch a Fish speaker
  • Daddy, Let's Shoot Some Hoop
  • Mom's a Little Girl Again
  • The Letter
  • Jesus, Hurry Please
  • Bigger Than Gray
  • I Love You, I Do, You Bet! speaker
  • A Simple Hymn
  • The Man As a Boy
  • Imagio Dei
  • Down From the Hills


  • Glory Streams
  • Opposite's Game
  • Apricot Ears
  • Daniel
  • Love In The Little Things
  • Winter Babies speaker
  • Coppertop
  • Gideon
  • Fathers Love Mothers
  • I'm Gonna Get Dressed By Myself
  • A Taste of Grace
  • Jesus Wash Me/Jesus My Savior
  • Simon
  • The Crumbly Napkin Man
  • Don't Let The Sun Go Down On You Mad

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